7 Things I’ve Learned While Having a Child with Apraxia


I see you. You’re the mom in the grocery store nervously trying to explain to the nice old lady why your son isn’t telling her his name. You’re the dad over by the jungle gym watching other kids call out to your son, but he just looks back at them silently, missing out on the opportunity to make a new friend. You’re the one holding back tears in the library when a seemingly innocent older child loudly asks you, “Can she even talk?” You’re the one giving an Emmy Award-winning performance of pretending to have thick skin as other moms at the playgroup give you the side eye while you try to love your frustrated child through their meltdown because all they really want is a snack, but can’t get the words out to ask you. I see you.

Let me offer you a hug, a tissue, and my support. I’ve been there. I’m still there. But thanks to a few years of experience, an awesomely supportive husband, a stellar therapist (for me), and a dream team of therapists to support my little one, I can honestly tell you that it can and it will get better. It seems this Apraxia journey is a never-ending tale with twists, turns, surprises, and even a few sprinkles of excitement. Here are some things I’ve learned along the way:

7 Things I’ve Learned…

Fire Hats & Tutus: Halloween Costumes for My Littles


Happy Halloween, my friends! This time of year is like one big dress-up playdate for children of all ages. Whether you are looking forward to trick-or-treating, marching in a Halloween parade, or just waiting for costumes to go on sale November 1st to stock up on dress-up clothes for the Littles, many of us have had costumes on our minds for weeks.

Check out my EASY Minnie Mouse Tutu tutorial!

Autumn Sensory Play

autumnbinpinWelcome October!

Oh, how I love the cool breezes of Autumn! From sweater weather and tall boots, to beautifully colored changing leaves, to pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING, there are elements of the season that everyone can enjoy.

With mild weather comes more opportunities to get out into the fresh air with the family.  Over the weekend, we took the Littles to Linvilla Orchards‘ Pumpkin Land. After carefully selecting which pumpkins we’d bring home, we fed the animals, rode the ponies, and made our way through the straw bale maze. We were also sure to pick up some apple cider and sweet potato pie to enjoy when we got home! 🙂

See how a fun family outing turned into spectacular sensory play!

The Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board

oildrippinI have a confession to make: I spend A LOT of time on Pinterest. From recipes, to DIY home projects, to beauty regimens, I have found some great ideas on this social media platform. I have Pinterest to thank for softer skin – the honey and sugar scrub recipes I’ve pinned are nothing short of fabulous. Pinterest is the reason why my kids have a really cool sensory table and a super upgraded play kitchen. {Awesome tip: Go to Pinterest, Type in ‘Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover.’ Be prepared to have your socks knocked off!} My husband is probably thanking the heavens for Pinterest every day, because I was a terrible cook before finding the pins on my “Scrumptious” board!

But have you ever come across an idea and thought “There is no way this project can be that easy to complete” or “This looks way too good to be true”? Click here to read about my Pinterest adventure!

10 Must-Do’s to Survive 2 Under 2

How I Settled in to Life with my Two Littles

2under2Previously, I wrote about why I love having children who are close in age. They’re best friends, built-in playmates, and we only have to go through developmental phases once.

In hindsight, it is easy to gush about how great it is now, because we are past the early difficult stages (i.e. they are both sleeping through the night and potty trained). The truth is, those first few months with two itty bitties were demanding and challenging. There were many times when I wondered, “How on earth am I going to do this?”

So how DID I do it? Click here to find out how…

Close-in-Age Kids: Why I love it, & Why You Might Too


I’ll never forget that afternoon in May. My husband and I took Little Boy for his 9-month checkup with our family doctor. I wasn’t feeling well that day, but as we mommas often do, I persevered in order to make sure that Little Boy was in tiptop shape and meeting the appropriate milestones.

Little Boy was doing great. A chubby, giggly, smiling baby as always.

“And how are you doing,” Dr. B. asked me. She was the doctor who cared for me when I first learned I was pregnant with Little Boy. She even delivered him at the hospital. It was safe to say she knew me pretty well by then.  Continue reading…

Pool Noodles: A Summer Favorite for Year-Round Fun! (Part 2)

poolnoodlepart2PINSummer may be fleeting, but pool noodles are here to stay!

In my previous post, I shared two ways I recycled pool noodles to create activities for my Little Boy and Little Girl to enjoy year-round. These have been great for independent play and as something to promote sharing and conversation.

Today, I am back with two additional ways I have repurposed our old pool noodles.

Click here for more ways to use your noodle!

Pool Noodles: A Summer Favorite for Year-Round Fun! (Part 1)

PoolNoodlePinImageBy now you may have noticed that I like to recycle things around the house to use for fun activities with the littles – fabric, toilet paper rolls, squeeze-pouch tops… the list goes on. Today I’m back with a way to recycle a summer time favorite that doesn’t need to disappear when the warm weather does.

Pool Noodles: We often use them for water play. But what do you do with them when summer is over?  Rather than stuffing them in the back of a closet or throwing them away, you could recycle them to make fun “any season” activities.

Today, I bring you PART 1 of my Pool Noodles series.

Click here to use your noodle!