7 Things I’ve Learned While Having a Child with Apraxia


I see you. You’re the mom in the grocery store nervously trying to explain to the nice old lady why your son isn’t telling her his name. You’re the dad over by the jungle gym watching other kids call out to your son, but he just looks back at them silently, missing out on the opportunity to make a new friend. You’re the one holding back tears in the library when a seemingly innocent older child loudly asks you, “Can she even talk?” You’re the one giving an Emmy Award-winning performance of pretending to have thick skin as other moms at the playgroup give you the side eye while you try to love your frustrated child through their meltdown because all they really want is a snack, but can’t get the words out to ask you. I see you.

Let me offer you a hug, a tissue, and my support. I’ve been there. I’m still there. But thanks to a few years of experience, an awesomely supportive husband, a stellar therapist (for me), and a dream team of therapists to support my little one, I can honestly tell you that it can and it will get better. It seems this Apraxia journey is a never-ending tale with twists, turns, surprises, and even a few sprinkles of excitement. Here are some things I’ve learned along the way:

7 Things I’ve Learned…

6+ Tips for Making the Switch from SAHM to Working Mom

6tipssahmtoworkingmomBefore my Littles entered the scene, I was a young, single, elementary schoolteacher. I lived in my semi-modern apartment, drove a two-door coupe, and spent my weeks looking forward to Friday afternoon happy hours with work-friends-turned-close-friends, margaritas, and less than authentic Mexican food. Then, I met my husband and before I knew it, we were having the “Why don’t you just stay home when the baby comes” conversation. Throw in a second baby, 4-door CUV, and a convertible double stroller and I was fully immersed in the wonderful world of the Stay at Home Mom.

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10 Must-Do’s to Survive 2 Under 2

How I Settled in to Life with my Two Littles

2under2Previously, I wrote about why I love having children who are close in age. They’re best friends, built-in playmates, and we only have to go through developmental phases once.

In hindsight, it is easy to gush about how great it is now, because we are past the early difficult stages (i.e. they are both sleeping through the night and potty trained). The truth is, those first few months with two itty bitties were demanding and challenging. There were many times when I wondered, “How on earth am I going to do this?”

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Close-in-Age Kids: Why I love it, & Why You Might Too


I’ll never forget that afternoon in May. My husband and I took Little Boy for his 9-month checkup with our family doctor. I wasn’t feeling well that day, but as we mommas often do, I persevered in order to make sure that Little Boy was in tiptop shape and meeting the appropriate milestones.

Little Boy was doing great. A chubby, giggly, smiling baby as always.

“And how are you doing,” Dr. B. asked me. She was the doctor who cared for me when I first learned I was pregnant with Little Boy. She even delivered him at the hospital. It was safe to say she knew me pretty well by then.  Continue reading…

Very Hungry Caterpillars

caterpillarpinPreparing for tough conversations with my children.

“Mommy, will you read to me?”  It was my son: a 3-year-old, shy, and incredibly smart little boy with big almond brown eyes and a smile that warms my heart. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar! You know that is one of our favorites,” I exclaimed. As he climbed on my lap, I hugged him, smelled the sweet scent of his curly hair, and for a few silent seconds, I wept. “In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf,” I began. I could barely see the pages through my tears. Fortunately, I have this story committed to memory.  Continue…