Fire Hats & Tutus: Halloween Costumes for My Littles


Happy Halloween, my friends! This time of year is like one big dress-up playdate for children of all ages. Whether you are looking forward to trick-or-treating, marching in a Halloween parade, or just waiting for costumes to go on sale November 1st to stock up on dress-up clothes for the Littles, many of us have had costumes on our minds for weeks.

Check out my EASY Minnie Mouse Tutu tutorial!

The Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board

oildrippinI have a confession to make: I spend A LOT of time on Pinterest. From recipes, to DIY home projects, to beauty regimens, I have found some great ideas on this social media platform. I have Pinterest to thank for softer skin – the honey and sugar scrub recipes I’ve pinned are nothing short of fabulous. Pinterest is the reason why my kids have a really cool sensory table and a super upgraded play kitchen. {Awesome tip: Go to Pinterest, Type in ‘Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover.’ Be prepared to have your socks knocked off!} My husband is probably thanking the heavens for Pinterest every day, because I was a terrible cook before finding the pins on my “Scrumptious” board!

But have you ever come across an idea and thought “There is no way this project can be that easy to complete” or “This looks way too good to be true”? Click here to read about my Pinterest adventure!

Hooray for Water Play!

Summer time!  It is finally warm enough to get outside to enjoy the sunshine.  One thing my toddlers absolutely love this time of year is water play.  Sprinklers, swimming, splash pads… you name it.  I was looking into purchasing a water table when I made a startling realization: they can get pretty pricey!  Rather than accept defeat, I decided to make one myself.  Check out my adventures in making: The DIY Water Table made from PVC Pipe.  Click here, and you’ll be splashing in no time!