The Construction Site Bin


The following activities require adult supervision at all times. Sensory bins often involve small pieces, so please use caution when selecting activities for children under 3. Let’s keep our littles safe!  🙂 


Welcome to the third edition of The Sensory Bin Series.  If you are looking for simple sensory play activities for your little ones, you have come to the right place!

 Get your hard hat ready for

ConstructionBinLogoThis sensory bin is a personal favorite of mine. Children can engage in imaginative sensory play within their very own construction site!

Here is what you need:


  • Empty plastic bin (larger is better)
  • Small construction trucks
  • Black-eyed peas (uncooked)
  • Black beans (uncooked) – Optional
  • Any additional dry beans or peas of your choice (uncooked) – Optional

If you’re looking for construction trucks, I recommend checking Amazon, Kmart, or Walmart. I have seen them available for as low as around $5.

This sensory bin is simple to make: You literally just dump in the materials and let the littles have at it!

Let’s play!

Use the construction trucks to scoop, push, and pour the mini-boulders and gravel (beans) at your construction site!


Make it even more interesting by adding in buttons or small objects for your little one to bury and dig to find.


I hope you enjoy this simple sensory bin as much as we do.  If you find a new or interesting way to play with the Construction Site Bin – or just wish to share one of your favorite sensory play ideas, please chat me up in the comments!

Create this bin now, or pin it for a rainy day. Click the image below!


Stay tuned for the next edition of


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3 thoughts on “The Construction Site Bin

  1. I love the bean idea! I’ve found bags of rocks at the dollar store but they were too small to make sense for filling up an entire bin. But I bet they’d make a good addition!


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