The Rice and Button Bin


The following activities require adult supervision at all times. Sensory bins often involve small pieces, so please use caution when selecting activities for children under 3. Let’s keep our littles safe!  🙂 


Welcome to the second edition of The Sensory Bin Series!  If you are looking for simple sensory play activities for your little ones, you have come to the right place!

In my last post, we used a simple box of macaroni to create a shape and puzzle piece hunt.

Let’s play with rice today!


**I’m going to be honest and admit that this bin can get a little messy. Be sure to have your broom/dustpan or your vacuum cleaner handy for cleanup time.  On the plus side, there are no wet or staining materials involved!**

Create this sensory experience in 3 easy steps:


  1. Fill an empty bin with rice.
  2. Add in brightly colored buttons.  (You could also substitute small shells, army men, or other small objects.)
  3. Throw in a few digging tools.

Then, stand back and watch the magic unfold!

Let your little one enjoy the feeling of the rice slipping through those little fingers.

Give them a spoon to dig around and bury buttons or other small objects while finding new ones.


Get in on the action!

First, Bury brightly colored buttons in the rice.

Next, Let your child identify the size, shape, and color of the buttons as they find them.

Then, Challenge your child to search for specific buttons or items of your choosing –

For example:

  • “Can you find a yellow button?”
  •  “Show me a blue star.”
  • “How many orange triangles can we find?”
  • “Let’s dig to find 5 green buttons.”
  • “Let’s dig to find 3 small red buttons and 4 big purple buttons.”

Challenging your child in this way incorporates their visual motor skills – they must visually scan the bin, discriminate between the different colors/shapes/etc., and then pick up the correct item.  You’re also incorporating fine motor skills as they use those little fingers to grasp objects.



Feeling Adventurous?

Take this activity to the next level with a Tennis Ball Puppet!


Grab some plastic utensils and “feed” the puppet. …Nom-nom!



These were just a few ideas, but the opportunities are endless!  If you find a fun or interesting way to use the Rice and Button Bin with you littles, share about it in the comments!


Check out my previous post featuring The Macaroni Bin!  Pin it here.



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