The Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board

oildrippinI have a confession to make: I spend A LOT of time on Pinterest. From recipes, to DIY home projects, to beauty regimens, I have found some great ideas on this social media platform. I have Pinterest to thank for softer skin – the honey and sugar scrub recipes I’ve pinned are nothing short of fabulous. Pinterest is the reason why my kids have a really cool sensory table and a super upgraded play kitchen. {Awesome tip: Go to Pinterest, Type in ‘Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover.’ Be prepared to have your socks knocked off!} My husband is probably thanking the heavens for Pinterest every day, because I was a terrible cook before finding the pins on my “Scrumptious” board!

But have you ever come across an idea and thought “There is no way this project can be that easy to complete” or “This looks way too good to be true”? Overall, I’ve had some pretty good Pinterest luck. However, I can admit that every once in awhile I’ve come across an idea that turned out to be a total dud (though in all fairness it could have just been my execution, and not the idea itself).

Today I am going to share what happened when I took what looked like a simple idea found on Pinterest and tried it in my own home.

The Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board

Its sleek, its shiny, and believe it or not, it is also inexpensive. Ringing up at a modest $11.97, this is one adventure that did not demolish my budget. Notably, there is nothing to assemble, which I couldn’t help but award some extra credit points for. The only real “work” involved in this project was visiting my local Wal-Mart and heading to the auto care section.

This magnet board is really just a giant oil drip pan used under vehicles when getting an oil change. It wasn’t difficult to find – they are usually in a stack on a low shelf.

auto care

Know before you go: The oil drip pan is large!

It measures about 4″L x 25″W x 0.5″H, so be sure it will fit in your vehicle. When you get to Wal-Mart, grab a shopping cart so you can wheel it out. It is not a heavy item, but certainly bulky to carry.


Hanging the oil drip pan is pretty simple:

My suggestion is to stop on your way to the checkout and grab some 3M Command hanging strips that you would use to hang heavy picture frames. They are easy to use and won’t damage the paintjob in your home.


I choose a location, stuck six sets of 3M strips on the back of the pan and stuck it to the wall. Honest – it was really that easy! I DO recommend using some type of level – or even just another person’s opinion – to help you determine if it is straight.  I added a row of mini mirrors underneath, just for fun.


Finally, I added some magnets and then…

My Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board was complete!



The Verdict: DO IT!

This project can certainly be filed under “Pinterest Success!” Whether you are a homeschooling family, just ‘playing school’, or looking for a fun way to play with magnets, the Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board is a great addition to any playroom.  As a former teacher, I would also vouch that this would be great in a classroom too!



Bonus Tip: Easy Magnets

Save money on magnets by recycling old foam blocks. Attach some magnetic tape, and your little one will be building floating skyscrapers in no time!


Attach magnetic tape to clothes pins, and you’ve made a fun learning tool!


Have you tried this project or something similar? Do you have other ideas for using it with your littles? Chat me up in the comments!


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19 thoughts on “The Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board

  1. This is perfect for my home because my refrigerator isn’t magnetized! I will certainly tell my husband to pick one of these up the next time he is on his “home stuff” shopping trip!


  2. I am making a portable magnet tray for my toddler (we are taking a looong road trip in a month) and I’m so glad for these ideas! I’m especially excited about the blocks idea. Thanks! Glad to have found this blog!


  3. I love how you did the experiment and it was a success 🙂 My kid still tries to chew magnets so I’ll wait a bit before an experiment like this of my own, but I can totally see it being a fun activity for him.


  4. I have the (now funny) worst story for trying this out. I originally saw a Pin for it a couple years ago and really wanted to do it for my littles. So, I took my daughter (almost 2 then) and my newborn to find a oil drip pan. Went to 2-3 places, and being semi-overwhelmed considering I had a newborn and TWO kids for the first time, I would just ask a worker where I could find the oil drip pan instead of looking for it. Every place I went, the salesperson looked at me like I had 3 heads when I asked, and we never found one anywhere. So, I finally got so frustrated and flustered I just went home and never did it 😂. I’m glad you wrote this though, because now that I have a couple years of experience in me and give zero cares whether I get the “you’re crazy” look or not, I’m probably going to attempt finding a freakin’ oil drip pan again!


    1. Yes! People do give you the “crazy lady” stare when you ask about the oil drip pan in stores! Funny enough, I didn’t even realize until I got back home with it that I could have easily just ordered it online and had it delivered. Would have saved the trouble of wandering through the stores with two littles and a humungous pan! haha Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your experience. I hope you get a chance to try this project again! 🙂


  5. i have a small kitchen so i plan on picking up this pan and using it for spices! i have seen lots of those magnetized tins but boards for them are very small. this would be perfect!


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