Pool Noodles: A Summer Favorite for Year-Round Fun! (Part 2)

poolnoodlepart2PINSummer may be fleeting, but pool noodles are here to stay!

In my previous post, I shared two ways I recycled pool noodles to create activities for my Little Boy and Little Girl to enjoy year-round. These have been great for independent play and as something to promote sharing and conversation.

Today, I am back with two additional ways I have repurposed our old pool noodles.


Are you ready for Part 2?

Activity #3. Pool Noodle Hoop 

This activity is especially great on days when you are stuck indoors.  During last year’s snowstorm I was desperate to keep my two rambunctious toddlers entertained.  After finding a pool noodle, some masking tape, and a couple of balls in our closet, I was able to keep the littles happy right up until nap time.

First: Take a pool noodle (or two, depending on how big you want your hoop to be) and tape the ends together. I used heavy masking tape. Duct tape works fine too.


Next: Tie, tape, or otherwise attach the “hoop” to a door, chair, or other steady surface.

  • The first time I tried this, I grabbed some clear packaging tape and attached the hoop to the back of my daughter’s high chair, as it was the perfect height for them.
  • The second time I did this, I used thick string and tied the hoop to one of my stair case rails.
  • Then I decided to get extra fancy by tying multiple hoops at different heights.


  • For a little less stress, you could just rest the hoop on top of a tall clothes basket


Then, Grab some balls and let the littles practice their basketball skills.  (I’ll be honest, I had fun trying to make some 3-pointers too!)


Its like having an NBA basketball camp right in your living room!


Activity #4. Pool Noodle Bubble Blower

Do your toddlers get as excited as mine do about bubbles? Little Girl loves it when I blow bubbles for her. When she tries to blow them on her own though, she sometimes has trouble and gets frustrated. This is a neat little pool noodle “hack” that is easier for her to grasp with her little hands.  It also gives her more control of the air flow when she tries to blow a bubble. Much better than those tiny little wands!

Here is what you need:

  • A pool noodle
  • Sharp knife and cutting board
  • Bubble liquid
  • Bowl or plate with raised edges


Step 1: Lay pool noodles horizontally on a cutting board or other hard surface. Slice the noodle into sections about 3″ thick. (Similar to slicing a loaf of french bread)


Step 2: Pour bubble liquid into a small bowl

Step 3: Dip pool noodle slices in bubble solution


Step 4: Hold pool noodle upright, with the dry opening in front of your lips, and blow!


Little Girl was so excited to be blowing big bubbles all on her own!


Do you have any other ideas for playing with pool noodles?

I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as we do.  If you try it and love it, please come back and share your success story, comments, or questions!

Thanks for reading!



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